The L Family

Photographing small children is always an interesting challenge and this family session was no different.  Little people like to keep you on your toes and guessing.  The morning of the L family's session, I had done a mini for a family with a toddler just a month or so older than Em.  It went perfectly.  So this fact coupled with the fact that I photographed Em at her 1st birthday just a few months before, had me walking into this hour thinking, "I got this".  Uhhhh...I was wrong.

When Sarah Ellen and I had been discussing dates for their session, she had wanted to wait until Em was walking.  Just a week prior, Little Missy started tottering around so we moved quickly to set up a session.  I'm not sure what we were thinking because the day of their session all Em wanted to do was practice walking.  She was showing off her level of independence and would hardly even look around to see if we were nearby.  It was a session where I was singing songs, making faces, jumping around, and making a fool of myself, but all Em wanted to do was walk. In the end we just embraced it and I love the way they turned out.  The colors of the leaves downtown looked amazing, but the weather was fair. One of my favorite things about looking back at these photos is the excitement on Em's face as she shows us all how "big" she is and the loving interaction between her and her parents (especially Dad-look for his elephant sound face). 

 Toddlers, my favorite little authoritarians.