New Year and New Goals

It's been a busy couple of weeks and a busy year for Vie en Rose Photography.  This post will be two in one with a quick bit about my Christmas and pics of E.

Two and a half years ago I started this business.  It's been incredible to watch it grow from just doing sessions for friends to booking weddings and meeting new people.  As 2016 prepares to enter our lives, I've decided to set some goals for my business.

A long-term goal I have for Vie en Rose, is for it to be my full-time job.  Many of you know that I am also an educator.  I'm also a mom and a wife.  All of these many responsibilities make it challenging to promote my business as I would like to.  So one of my goals this year, is to promote more.  This will mean more regular blog posts and sharing of images on social media.  I'm pretty good about sharing photos on Instagram, but pay little attention to my facebook or twitter feeds.  

A second goal I have is to collaborate with some small businesses to do some stylized shoots.  Being a photographer is like being an artist.  I have long had some visions of some sessions I would love to do, but when you are working with clients you have to fold your style into the product they desire.  This goal will be fun for many of you because it will mean I will be doing model calls! Be on the lookout for these.  I will need families, newborns, couples, and high school students.  Also, if you are a small business (locally or not) and would like to discuss-let me know.  I'll be looking at make-up artists, clothing boutiques, food (cakes for my wedding one), and venues.

Goal numero 3-to invest in my professional growth.  I am already in talks with a fantastic photographer to do some mentoring.  I love her style and she does a mix of digital and film which is something I really want to grow into my business.  I already work with some amazing photographers here locally, but feel this will help push my art even further.

My last goal this year is to get published.  I've had my photos selected several times as features on photography blogs, but I'd love to see my images in print.  I did submit a session a few weeks ago.  The publication loved my work, but was looking for specific sessions for their Christmas publication at that time.  I'm feeling confident as they highly encouraged me to submit more work.

So that's it.  That's what you'll see coming from me this year. 

Now here are some photos from my Christmas.  My parents were able to come and spend 10 days with us.  It fills my heart so much to see my parents as grandparents, or Nuh and Paw as E has named them.  We tried to keep her busy with trips to the Children's Museum, park, water play on the porch (because it felt more like Spring than Winter), and enjoying new presents.  This was a magical Christmas for our family as it was the first one that E could really appreciate.  

What are some of your goals for this new year?  Happy 2016 everyone and God bless!