Meet Jenn

I first started with photography as a hobby alongside my dad.  It wasn't until I was out of college that I really began to devour information on photography as an art.  In 2012, I became committed to sharing my love and craft with others.  And Olive & Ivory Photography was born.

I consider my style to be simple, classic, natural, and artistic.  I sometimes dabble in film photography because I love the truth in film.  I try to keep that feel when I edit my digital images.  I want to simply enhance what was before my lens. 

Pictures anchor our memories.  They remind us of past bright days in times of darkness and they bring back fond memories long after those in them are gone.  For me, it's my opportunity to aide you in capturing your life as it is.  The crazy beauty and joyful noise that is life...your life.

I am married to a wonderful man and mother to two beautiful and spirited little girls.  I love to laugh and make others laugh and feel that each encounter with someone is a chance for us to grow as people.  I look forward to meeting you.