Welcome Baby Wally

I won't yet say that I'm failing at my New YearsResolution to blog more.  I'm not doing as well as I would have liked, but one a months isn't too terrible. I'm optimistic my regularity will improve soon.

But this post isn't about that.  It's sharing the beautiful images of a beautiful family welcoming their newest member.  In December when Shannon reached out to me about her desire to have hospital photos done I couldn't have been more thrilled. The original plan was for me to capture some of those precious hours in the first 24 hours after the birth. However, Wally couldn't wait for us to figure out logistics and decided to be slightly ahead of schedule.  We settled on the first day in his new home instead.  Big brother Settle couldn't have more proud. I think these two will be best friends in no time.  

This was a lifestyle shoot with no newborn posing pillows, wraps, or posing for that matter.  I used 100% natural light from their gorgeous home.  It wasn't hard to quickly realize I had been there over the hour we had initially planned on.  I love the natural beauty of that mom and baby relationship and the joy you feel looking at the photos of Settle and the whole new family.