A Good Photographer can Work Magic

A few weeks ago I blogged the gorgeous senior session of Bailey's. As I was doing her session, I knew I was going to share this you. It is so easy to hire the cheapest person you can find. Right now, with digital and photoshop, it seems like everyone is a photographer. Not all photographers are created equal.

I have spent countless hours studying and training. I've spent way too much money (don't tell hubby) on training and programs. All this investment into my art pays off. Those photos that were so breathtaking of Bailey, were shot here...


Yep.  That's it. A muddy road alongside a baseball field and neighborhood. But here's the thing...I know what I'm looking for. I knew how I wanted her lit and how to achieve that. Because of my knowledge base, I was able to scope where we were and find a spot to achieve the look I wanted.  It wasn't easy. I wasn't super familiar with where we were. I would have preferred some other locations, but with where we were, I found something that I knew would work. And yet from this...

image1 (1).JPG

to this...

charleston senior photograpy
charleston senior photographer
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