Expecting Kiernan

It's already been a busy spring with two of my very best friends having babies just a few weeks apart.  Laura was one of the first people I shared my own pregnancy with and she kept a watchful eye over me.  She was supportive and intrigued and most importantly thinks I'm a genius.  She has spent countless hours listening to me tell her all my thoughts on pregnancy and birth.  I should be paying her to just listen to me ramble.  

When she told me this summer that she and her hubby, Ed, were expecting, I think I literally jumped up and down.  When she asked me to do her maternity photos, I reacted the same.  We opted to split her 3 hour maternity session so that we could do some on location at the Cistern-CofC and some in her own home.  After I had suggested CofC, I discovered that she actually had her bridal portraits done there.  

Both days were beautiful and lovely.  We laughed a lot which is most important and got crazy excited about Kiernan.  I am pleased to announce that he made his grand arrival a week ago Sunday.  I've met him and he's perfection.  I will be spending some quality time with them all very soon to capture his newborn images.  But until then, you get to enjoy his adorable little features, some eye candy in the form of one the most gorgeous maternity sessions.EVER!