Charleston Wedding Vendors Best List

Introducing the Best of Charleston Wedding Vendors

Charleston is such a beautiful backdrop for life and even more so for a romantic wedding. There are so many vendors to choose from and so many styles you can take your big day from small and intimate to large southern plantation to hip and modern. I decided I wanted to not only know more about what was out there for myself but also to have that knowledge to share with my wonderful brides. 

I was a teacher in a past life and for this reason I am going to offer this introduction on what is to come in the next few months in a little video. You can find a list of the vendors I will be featuring below that once their feature is complete will become a hyperlink to their blog post. Enjoy

Wedding Planner/Designers

Erica Peper at Peper Events

Cayleigh Hopkins at The Petal Report

Amy DeVito at Amy DeVito Events & Design

Bridal Boutiques/Shops/Designers

Verita Bridal Boutique

Southern Protocol


Frampton Flowers


Huspa Plantation


Strawberry Blonde Salon

Pamela Lesch


CRaVE Charleston Catering


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