These delightful people WERE my neighbors.  We have both of our children fairly close in age, but they recently left our -hood and moved a couple hours down the road. I was excited when Amy reached out to me about a weekend visit and beach photos.  I immediately suggested this location which is one of my favorite (if not number one) place to shoot.  

We planned to meet early in the morning to try to beat the heat and bright sun.  Early wasn't early enough for this day. It was already scorching hot and super bright.  Callie, their tot, was also not feeling our photo session plans. She was sweet, but in full toddler power mode.  She'd play sweetly in the sand so I'd tell them to just go with it and join her.  She'd notice and get up and move or turn her back to the camera.  Haha!

We laughed a lot.  At the end of our time together, the one thing all three of us sweaty adults could agree was that the girls had had fun and that's the main point.